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It’s been a while. We missed you. It’s AftrGlow By Nature, the skincare brand whose emails you signed up for but never received. Sorry about that, since we have launched we have been taking the world by storm. But we promise... we have not forgotten you! We would like to now welcome you to our bi-monthly newsletter, starting with the introduction of our founder and CEO, as well as our mission statement.

AftrGlow By Nature was founded by 22-year-old Alexandria Sutton of Boston, Massachusetts. The vision for AftrGlow By Nature was born in the wake of the George Floyd and Breonna Taylor protests, and Alexandria knew her community was hurting and in dire need of healing. Self-care was needed more than ever before, not just for herself, but for the Black community as a whole. She created AftrGlow By Nature all while she was in school full time at the University of Massachusetts Boston, where she is majoring in Psychology, and minoring in Africana Studies and Communications, all of which have influenced her intentions for AftrGlow. 

AftrGlow By Nature is a Black woman-owned skincare brand committed to delivering high-quality, natural skincare products to you, that are always handmade with love by Miss CEO herself. In a world where deeply melanated skin is undervalued, AftrGlow By Nature is here to make sure you feel loved and celebrated for the skin you live in and is made specifically with brown skin in mind. Our mission is to support your journey to self-love, self-care, and self-liberation. Brown skin might not be loved by the world around us, but we can learn to nourish the beauty we bring into the world to allow ourselves to shine to our highest potential. For us to experience true self-care, and not just what is marketed towards us, we as people of color must liberate our minds, reclaim our identities, and redefine who we are. AftrGlow By Nature aims to not only provide support in the physical sense with material elements of self-care through our body care products but also spiritually and mentally.

In these newsletters, we are excited to provide announcements of product launches, events, interviews with other BIPOC leaders, and to start discussions on what is on our minds and hearts. These heart-to-hearts will range from discussing how Black joy is an act of resistance and how being intentional in prioritizing self-care nurtures our spirits. Furthermore, it is our hope that AftrGlow By Nature becomes a safe space for not only BIPOC individuals but an educational and healing space for all. 

We hope you look forward to reading these discussions as much as we look forward to having them with you. A new chapter for AftrGlow By Nature is coming, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

Talk to you soon,

Alexandria Sutton, CEO of AftrGlow By Nature


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