Our Story

     AftrGlow by Nature was birthed with a mission in mind: to provide a safe space for self-love, self-care, and self liberation. Self-love stemming from one's ability to look in the mirror and truly love the skin they are in...from skin as rich and vast as the tones of the earth to one's emaculate beauty marks that runs as deep as the ground in which we stand...

     Once we learn to accept and love ourselves unconditionally, we are then placed on a direct path of self-care. With self-care comes compassion, first for ourselves and then for others. We must learn to fall in love with ourselves, desire to know ourselves on a deeper level, and embrace all that makes us not only different but unique. It is important to recognize that before we pour out into others, we must first pour into ourselves. It is through gaining understanding and embracing the beauty and the power that lies within us, that we are able to empower future generations.

     There is so much complexity that comes with being a person of color, not only from the "complex-ion" of our skin, but in understanding our history on a multi-dimensional level that ultimately folds into our understanding of how we identify and place ourselves within the world.

     In order for one to care for themselves, they must first learn how to truly love themselves from the inside out. In order for us to do that, we as persons of color, must liberate our minds, take back our identities, and re-define who we are. We are here to speak life back into ourselves, manifest all that is good, and provide healing for our souls. This can only begin with us learning to love and embrace the skin that we are in. So, it is our hope to highlight the beauty of melanated skin.

      As we come together on this journey of self-love, self-care, and self-liberation, it is our hope that you feel empowered in knowing that you are not only being nourished in body, but also being renewed in mind and spirit.